I have had the privilege of teaching amazing students. They humble me every time I think about their comments, their work and their ambitions. Here are some notes from their evaluations of my courses. (all reviews submitted anonymously): 

I was never big on English classes but this class is by far my favorite. I actually read a book that I would consider my favorite. I loved the readings and they really pertained to the overall theme. The discussions were amazing and kept the interest of everyone in the class.
I loved it. The subject matter was really interesting and Mr. Howard is an amazing instructor. It was really easy to stay engaged and was really enjoyable.
He really cares.
So amazing I can’t describe it. Mr. Howard has been my favorite teacher at Cornell. One of the smartest men I have met.
This course goes past the usual African American history of abuse, slavery and discrimination. There is specificity in the history the course touches upon and clear links to the present. I have learned so much. The course offers extremely enjoyable books, great writing options and a very wise professor - There is nothing left to improve!
Very prepared, intense discussions that were always stimulating.
This was a great course. Mr. Howard was brilliant at selecting enjoyable literature for us and promoting a welcoming environment of intellectual engagement.
He’s younger and has such a great perspective on literature – makes interesting points and opens and guides stimulating discussions. Insights into writing are so helpful (i.e. commentary, questions on work…). A+
It’s fun. Mr. Howard expects a very high level in terms of the essays. He constantly tries to find interesting things related to the topic, and he introduces us to so many entertaining and educational texts.
I came into my Freshman Writing Seminar expecting to take a class I would endure but not really enjoy. After class number one I knew this could easily be my favorite course. Christian Howard is an excellent teacher who keeps conversations interesting and the class engaged.
Mr. Howard is an excellent speaker, motivator, listener and an honest grader. He loves helping students articulate the things we want to say and coaxes us to make interesting and challenging arguments for our essays.
There were times during discussion when the class would be emotional or angered by a text or a bit of plot and Mr. Howard would somehow change that emotion into something positive and teach a lesson from it. It was really amazing.
He is very well spoken and his youth allows him to relate to the students more directly. He relays lessons, morals and themes very well and directly. I believe he would be very capable at teaching a larger class.
Such a great course taught by such a great teacher. I loved the way we were introduced into the Black Americas topic with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Single Story” lecture. Wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Howard.
Very approachable and helpful, [he was] always willing to put in the extra time until I felt confident in my own ideas and abilities.
The instructor was great. He allowed us to develop and dive into our own ideas while still guiding us in the right direction and allowing everyone to participate.
Great! I have a greater respect for things outside my own chosen genre, and have higher cross-genre goals for my own writing.
Mr. Howard really knows how to present material! He is organized, interesting, and engaging. Well done!
VERY GOOD. He gets everyone involved and you can see his passion for the material. He made everyone feel comfortable participating.
Christian was extremely engaging – the way he presented the material – in a humorous and thought-provoking way – was excellent, in my opinion.